Say NO to ultra-processed foods.

Say NO to ultra-processed foods.


Green bowl made with arugula, avocado, padrón peppers, olives, pea penne and chicken. Salad with lots of vegetables, sprouts and fresh cheese. Green bowl with salmon and poached egg. What I just cited are just three examples of healthy dishes to enjoy eating and feeling good at the same time, ideas for you to say NO to ultra-processed ones.


Say NO to ultra-processed products.


Caring for you does not mean suffering, taking care of yourself means enjoying, and getting it is much easier than it seems.

Any day is the perfect day to do it, prepare a green bowl, a healthy dish with all the nutrients you need, change the ingredients, make your own combinations.

Start your imagination, choose your favorite foods, try to consume seasonal products, control your diet and you will get results, you will not feel heaviness, your digestions will be light and you will be satisfied.


Prepare a healthy varied dish, with many vegetables and the protein you prefer, you can make your vegan version.


Sometimes I want to prepare a bowl of green products, as you know the colors are very important, depending on the color, the foods have some nutrients or others, other times I prefer to create a rainbow on the plate.

A plate full of color is very attractive and induces to consume it, I like to add different proteins, sometimes chicken, other salmon, cod, egg, there are many options.


Green bowl


Prepare your green bowl and enjoy eating, making a dish like these has several purposes, the main one is eat healthy, but we use this term a lot without saying exactly what we are referring to.

Eating healthy means eating real foods that are not processed, and if they are, that is a simple process, (I'll explain later).

If you can get organic product better than better, if not, nothing happens, do not think that if your lettuce does not have the organic seal it is bad, because it is not like that.

Don't think that if you don't have a fridge full of organic vegetables, it is better to eat any ultra-processed "bio", absolutely NOT.


Organic products are fine, but make it real food, say NO to ultra-processed "bio" products.


It is always better to eat food without any type of processing than to eat processed foods of whatever type and you should always avoid ultra-processed foods.

What foods are processed, but are healthy:

The nuts are the best example, why are nuts considered processed? Normally we consume the nuts already peeled and, in some cases peeled, remove the shell of the almonds or walnuts, it is already considered a first process and if it is necessary to repel them, that is, remove the brown skin that is stuck to the grain, It involves other processing, pasteurization is also pasteurization and if it is cut into slices, made into cubes or made into flour, the same thing.

Companies that olives They are also processed, since they are collected from the tree until they reach our table, they undergo a series of processes necessary to be consumed.

The yogurts and cheese They have also been processed, and not for that reason, we consider them unhealthy, as long as they do not have added sugars or have suffered other more aggressive processes.

Companies that vegetables canned, they are processed, but if you wash them well to eliminate the possible additives of the preservation liquid, they are a healthy option for a fast food.


Nuts, legumes, whole grains, have undergone some necessary processes so that their consumption is easy and safe, and even then they are healthy.


These are only four examples, but there are many more, it is about understanding that there are processes that the food industry carries out in order to improve the characteristics of that food and sometimes, simply so that it can be consumed.

This type of process is characterized by not changing the nutritional characteristics of this food, usually to improve the safety and hygiene of these products when they are consumed.


salmon bowl


What foods are ultraprocessed:

The Sausages, The processed meats like sausages, hamburgers, meatballs, marinated, etc.

Some Dairy, such as processed cheeses, custard, "yogurts", smoothies or vegetable drinks.

La Industrial bakery, which includes buns, both sweet and savory, cookies, biscuits.

All kinds of snacks, both fried and baked, chip potatoes, corn snacks, extruded, etc.


Snacks and precooked dishes are ultraprocessed products that contain trans fat, always avoid them.


The products Pre-cooked, any fresh or frozen pre-cooked dish, lasagna, cannelloni, croquettes, nuggets, soups and creams, sauces, tomato sauce, etc.

The ultra processed cereals, rich in sugars.

Companies that margarines, this product that we have wanted to sell as healthy, is composed of hydrogenated fats and trans fats very harmful to our health, so the best for your toast is a good jet of extra virgin olive oil.

If you are a fan of butter, consume it in moderation. Margarine forget forever.


Avoid consuming margarines, are the result of the hydrogenation of vegetable oils, (polyunsaturated fatty acids), the result is an ultraprocessed product that contains trans fat and other compounds harmful to your health.



  • Buy fresh meats and cook them yourself.


  • As snacks, the best are nuts and homemade dips. On my page you will find several options. Use raw fresh vegetables or sweet potatoes, even potatoes, baked by you.


  • Avoid precooked dishes, cook on the weekend or when it's okay and save rations in tuppers, freeze what you can, get organized.


  • For breakfast there are also many options, you do not have to resort to industrial bakery, if you like cereals, consume them unprocessed, buy cereals without added sugars in the herbalist, add nuts, raisins, blueberries, dates, fresh fruit.


  • Take quality dairy products, natural yogurts, or Greek yogurt (its advantage is that it is very satisfying), pasteurized quality milk or UHT, but without additives. Consume cheeses the less processed the better. Read the labels.


  • Avoid frozen foods at all costs, such as nuggets, croquettes, chips and all kinds of precooked dishes, are rich in trans fats, very harmful to health.


  • As a final advice, I only tell you to buy food as it comes from the countryside, fresh meats and fish and vegetables and cereals little or nothing processed. Cook at home, prepare, organize, freeze, do everything in your power to control the ingredients and to know what you are eating, is the best way to take care of you and those around you.




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