Healthy dish: curry chicken with quinoa and cauliflower

Healthy dish: curry chicken  with quinoa and cauliflower


Preparing a bowl of this type is very easy, it is a healthy dish made up of proteins, vegetables and nuts, each in its proper measure to cover your nutritional needs in a single dish.

To prepare this dish, I was guided by the Harvard Healthy Eating Plate, It is a model created to make preparing a healthy dish very easy.

The Harvard plate divides a plate of 23 cm in diameter in 4 parts, 2 of the 4 parts must be occupied by vegetables and fruits, a quarter by proteins and the other by carbohydrates of good quality, if they are cereals ideally is that they are comprehensive.


Apply the model of the Harvard Plate to your day to day, you will gain in health.


Making a healthy dish like this takes a short time and is a very practical way to fix a meal.


healthy dish of chicken curry with quinoa


You only need one protein, you choose, in this case it is chicken breast curry, with a few 100 grams per serving is enough.

Add vegetables, in this dish cauliflower and mushrooms, remember that they should occupy half of the plate.

The space left is for carbohydrates, I have chosen quinoa, a pseudocereal that provides vegetable proteins and lots of fiber.

I have also added nuts that provide Omega 3 and to give a fresh touch, a fruit, the cherry tomato.


Vegetables, (and fruits), proteins and carbohydrates, are the three basic ingredients that your healthy dish must carry.


The idea is that a dish like this is a unique dish, in which you have all the nutrients you need, keep this simple scheme in mind and apply it every day to your dishes, you will eat healthier, you will provide the nutrients you need and not you will eat more.

Each of the ingredients are cooked separately, all are basic preparations without any complications.

  • Chicken curry: Chicken breast cut into cubes, sautéed, with spring onion and seasoned with a teaspoon of curry powder, simmered with 100 ml of almond milk, (you can also use coconut milk or cow's milk).
  • Cauliflower al dente cooked steamed only for 10 minutes.
  • Mushrooms sautéed in a pan with olive oil.
  • Quinoa cooked in water for 20 minutes.

You just have to put all the ingredients on the plate, add the nuts, the cherry tomatoes and salt and pepper to your liking.

healthy dish of chicken curry with quinoa


As it is, there are a thousand possible combinations, look on my page for the entries with the label HEALTHY DISH, and learn to prepare a healthy dish for each day.

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