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Welcome to MISSBLASCO.COM, my creative space to share everything I like, thanks to this blog I have the opportunity to bring together the two things that interest me the most, healthy eating and photography.

I am Francesca Blasco, a Valencian from the north living in Dénia, creative, rebellious, dreamy and nonconformist, and also, mom.

In this blog you will find the recipes that I have been preparing for years since in 2011, during my pregnancy, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. It was then when my life took a 180º turn and I changed my diet radically, it was not the beginning of a new diet, (diets are temporary, temporary), it was a mentality change, a life changeWhen this happens it is forever and there is no turning back.


"Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself". Alexei Tolstoy.


This website is the result of my interest in sharing all that happened to me and that has given me so much strength, and has brought me so many benefits.

My new interest led me to train in this field, now I am Higher Technician in Dietetics, (UAXS, Madrid), I have passed the course of Advanced Clinical Nutrition en ICNS (Madrid) and I'm about to get my certification as Nutritional Coach at Nutritional Coaching Institute, (Barcelona).

But all this does not end here, my interest in diet and nutrition continues to grow and I continue to train and work on it, my priority is to be able to transmit what I do in a simple, uncomplicated way, to motivate.

It is about helping those who find difficulties on the way to lead a healthy life and need guidance, motivation, help, I know very well what it is about, it happened to me, and it was very difficult for me to find the way.


"Eating is a necessity, but eating intelligently is an art" Francisco VI, Duke of La Rochefoucauld.


At the age of 18, when I left school, I trained as a photographer at the CEU San Pablo Sup. Photography and Image School in Valencia, and later I graduated in Art History (Valencia University), after studying for years, I worked In the marketing department of a company dedicated to the manufacture of machinery for the processing of nuts, this allowed me to get to know an important part of the food industry from within.

In addition, it gave me the opportunity to travel to many countries, I will always be grateful for it, I learned a lot about eating habits, about myths and about new ways of coping with nutrition.

After 40, photography, art history and the need to lead a healthy life come together to make room for everything I do now.

During these years I have experimented in the kitchen preparing healthy and easy recipes, listening to my body, looking for foods that would have a positive impact on me, and thus, little by little I have been building my diet plan, with three premises: sugar free, low carb and healthy fats.


Here you will find easy recipes: sugar free, low carb and healthy fats.


Simplicity is a priority in my kitchen, easy recipes, accessible to all, with few ingredients, simplicity in my daily life, then eating well is not an unattainable goal and the result will be that you will feel better.


What are you going to find at MISSBLASCO.COM?

Simple recipes with few ingredients, seasonal and accessible to everyone.

In my list of ingredients highlights the almond, along with the rest of nuts and seeds, their versatility and nutritional value make them protagonists in many of my recipes, avocado It is also very present, without a doubt life without him would not be the same, at least mine! :)

The vegetables in general, all kinds of fruits, vegetables, tubers and aromatic plants together with meat, Fish y eggs They complement a list of nutritious ingredients that have proven to be a winning combination.

Many of my recipes are gluten-free, some paleo and others are vegan / vegetarian.

I like:

  • Germinate legumes.
  • Ferment vegetables.
  • The whole dairy.


Understanding the "why" of a nutritional plan, and specifically, of each recipe that forms it, is essential.


If something worries me is that you understand the "why" and the "why" of each of the things I say, that's why in most recipes, you will find extra information that will help you better understand the meaning of consumption of a certain food or how that particular dish can affect our diet.

Do you want to lose weight and you can't get it ?, don't kid yourself, miracles don't exist, it's up to you. Be aware of what you eat, change your habits and soon you will start to improve, if you think you need help, contact me.

How Dietician Entitled I can design a complete nutritional plan, personalized and adapted to your needs, with weekly menus and detailed recipes.

Do you need a healthy menu for a special day? I can also create it for you.


During the day we eat several times, listen to your body and choose the right option, you will improve your health and that of those around you.


I hope that all this interests you and you read to me, the intention is to contribute content of interest, motivate you, and have feedback.

With a little organization you can change many things, it is easier than it seems. If you want to try it read me,  write me and you tell me.

Lots of Health!


Francesca Blasco

  Higher Technician in Dietetics (UAX)
  Advanced Clinical Nutrition Course (ICNS)
  Nutritional Coaching Certificate
  Higher Degree in Photography and Image (CEU San Pablo)
  Bachelor of Art History (University of Valencia)

  Author of this blog and student of the Degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics (UAX)